Welcome to HerdingTheDragon.com!

I'm a writer, a freelancer, a crafter, a nail polish mixatrix, a tea drinker, an unconventional life-liver, a journaling junkie, an introvert, a chronic-pain-sufferer, an idealist, a geek, a TV-lover. Welcome to my corner of the web!

My Instagrammed Life

My Talented Friends

In whatever order I remember that I know their webpages...

The Troublemakers

Rachel and Stef of One True Mango, crafters

Emmy of RedOrchard, crafter and artist

Jaqui and Michelle of Wench in the Gears, webcomicers

Ms Shelley Bates, writer and mentor

Jeana Jorgensen, bellydancer of wonderfulness

People I Love:

Favorite People

(On YouTube here!)

Kristina Elise Butke, writer and compatriot

John Dixon, writer and awesome dude

Timmons Esaias, writer and mentor, too

The fabulous and talented Alex David Palmer / Bizarrika LeStrange!

(On YouTube here! And his own channel here!)

And one of my favorite songs of his here:


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