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Married to the Wind

Part 1
March 2015

Everything she thought she knew was wrong.  
Annissa of Yorra knew she was the Wisewoman's daughter. She knew she was to be married in just a few short months. She knew her tiny village near the Wall was unimportant. She knew her country was safe, the sacred homeland of the First Lady's Chosen People. And she knew her life would be unremarkable, though such quiet left her restless.  
She didn't know destiny had so much more in store for her.
When she rescues a boy who falls from the sky the same moment an impossible evil returns from Over the Wall, everything changes. Soon, she must make a choice--safety, or the truth?

Part 2:
Coming in June 2015

Nothing is as it seems. 
Annissa and Ardeth have escaped the Wall and the troubles brewing in their home kingdom.  But Annissa is not well, and Ardeth is being torn apart by Air, and the more they find out about the lies and secrets that have hedged their lives, the more questions are raised. 
Captive-guests of the Clans they had been told are barbarians, on a quest for knowledge and understanding that takes them across the Wastes and the lands beyond, both must come to grips with their power, with their places in the world, and with their growing feelings for each other. 
And back at home, war changes the fates of friend and foe alike.

Part 3:
September 2015 

Everything has changed. 
Annissa, now of the Clans and carrying a heavy burden of power, knows that the world is not as her entire land has been told all their lives, and she must bear this knowledge back home to end the war that is destroying the world bit by bit.  
But she must do it alone, for though her friends back home are gathering an army for her, she's lost Ardeth to Air and she's the only one who can face the Dark--if she can convince Glorisa, the other half of her soul, to do it with her.  
In a world torn by the clash of Light and Dark, where ancient powers alter the lives of mortals and gods alike, can she do what needs to be done to save the world? And will she save it by fixing it--or will she, too, change it utterly?

The Books of Light Edition:
Coming Christmas 2015

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