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I'm a writer, a freelancer, a crafter, a nail polish mixatrix, a tea drinker, an unconventional life-liver, a journaling junkie, an introvert, a chronic-pain-sufferer, an idealist, a geek, a TV-lover. Welcome to my corner of the web!

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About Me: Who is this Sami girl?

Hello! Welcome to my ever-changing bio page!

Official Bio:
Samantha Holloway is unfit for anything but writing expansive fantasy and the occasional science fiction story, so she does it full time. She's the author of the upcoming epic fantasy novel Married to the Wind, and has published dozens of book reviews, TV reviews and a few short stories. In between writing and thinking about writing, she lives in North Carolina with an aptly-named cat called Ninja, wears too much jewelry, runs a home made nail polish company for a lark, and subsists mostly on tea.
Unofficial Bio:
My name is Samantha Holloway. I'm a writer, reviewer, blogger, nail polish mixer and general professional fangirl. I subsist mostly on tea, live mostly in my head, grow as much of my own food as I can each year, and talk to every cat I see. I write mostly fantasy, with the occasional science fiction story. You can find what I'm currently working on Here, and what I've had published (including links to buy them) Here.

I'm everywhere:

I'm always glad to meet people! If you need to contact  me, email pirategirljack (@) gmail (dot) com!

I firmly believe that every writer, whether a Pantser or a Planner, needs to have goals. You don't need to have every single step mapped out because reality isn't that organized, but everyone needs to know where they're going and maybe a little of how they'll get there, and to keep track of what they've accomplished. Which is what goals are for. What do you want your life to look like when you've 'arrived'? What do you want to accomplish along the way? What are the stepping stones and milestones you'll look for to know you're on the right track?

Here are some of mine, in no order other than timing. Well, a lot of mine. I'm ambitious, what can I say?
What I've Done
What I Still Want to Do
- Presented several papers at conferences
Published three novels
- Published a book of poems
- Started a new series
- Launched a geeky webpage
- Sold my polish at a show (GeekCraft Expo, April 2016)
Moderate Term:
- Publish at least a book a year + alternating nonfiction work: poetry, academia, anthology, book of essays, etc
- Publish at least one short story a month.
- Publish a subscription newsletter for my fans with original and exclusive content just for them each month.
- Write for Television Without Pity. (this goal is now defunct, since they don't do that anymore)
- Start a geeky webcast / podcast and get all sorts of geek icons to talk to.
- Write a wildly popular webseries, sell it to a network that will expand it into a full-length show, and get all my favorite people to guest star on it.
- Write and sell a few great movies.
- Launch and maintain an old-fashioned zine and its online twin.
- Launch and maintain a litmag for spec-fic.
- Launch and maintain a fanzine.
- Write a few audio dramas.
- Write / create a few really awesome boardgames and sell them to a viable market.
- Launch and maintain several webcomics.
- Keep a blog with thousands of readers.

- Become The World's Leading Expert in some moderately obscure popculture field and be sought after for opinions and TV interviews (I'm looking at you, MTV and History Channel!)

Long Term:
- Win the Big Awards.
- Sell a show to HBO / Starz / AMC / BBC / all of the above
- Work with / for the BBC for a time and meet all my favorite stars in person, and form healthy, productive and inspired working relationships with them.
- Work with Joss Whedon somehow.
- Work with Terry Matalas somehow.
- Guest write at least once for a favorite show.
- Write an unexpected best seller.
- Present papers at several conferences a year.
- Visit conferences and conventions as a guest writer.
- Collaborate with truly awesome people more than once throughout my career.

Really Long Term:
- Found or rescue and revitalize a publishing company.
- Found a scholarship for brand-new writers of speculative fiction.
- Figure out how to start some sort of writer-patronage program to help new writers through this tough transitional phase.
- Publish 408 books with my name on the cover before I die.
- Make a very good living as a writer, and do it full-time for the rest of my life.

What I Write:

     You know how we have this idea that the myths and legends of the old world were all sort of just stories people made up before science and how they don’t really matter anymore? I like to ask the question, ‘What if that myth was an accurate account of how things were?’ and then try to figure out what would happen if that then somehow wound up tangled up through the normal world—either the calm, pastoral existence of my Epic Fantasy heroine Annissa, or the modern, fairly ordinary twenty-something life of my Urban Fantasy heroine Jessamyn Beacon.
     Think about the implications: If all the old gods are real, what do they do now that the people of the world no longer worship them? What if they have a vested interest in reclaiming the world that abandoned them? What if everything we think we know about ourselves, our history and our very existence is based on either misremembered and poorly-documented events that happened in a more magical time, or are outright fallacies?
     What if, once things start going mythical, you also have to re-think what you are as well as who you are? And what if you don’t have any interest in the new situations or their epic consequences that you now find yourself in?
     This is almost always where I start when writing a book. And even if I start somewhere else, I almost always end up in this sort of a discussion! I write stories about girls who change the world in a literal and mystically fundamental way, and somehow still manage to maintain their humanity and the love of a well-matched partner—and that somehow is as interesting to work through as the Big Idea mythologies!
     I'm interested in telling stories every way I can get my hands on. I want to write novels--my first novel is Epic Fantasy, to be followed up with Urban Fantasy next--but I'm just as interested in flash fiction, short stories, novellas, serial stories, stand alone novels and series. And I want to tell stories in hands-on ways, too; I'm in planning stages of making a comic where there won't be any pictures so that all the readers can redo any page however they like, and together we can build something multitudinous and new. I'm interested in almost any new storytelling platform that comes my way, and I'm looking forward to finding collaborative projects I can get in on. I'm not at all interested in limiting what I do to one field or one topic or one form; that doesn't further the genres I work in, nor does it improve the state of Story in the world. We're in a changing society in a very interesting time when lots of new ways of telling and building stories are becoming available, and I want to try them all!

You can find my longer and shorter and formerly-used Bios HERE.

Who is this Sami girl?

Hello! Welcome to my personal corner of the internet! Unless we've met in person, you're probably wondering who I am, outside of the books I write. If we have met in person, Hi! I missed you!

I'm not all that great at writing bios, but here's some of the things that make me who I am, in no particular order, and that matter to this blog:

  • I'm an introvert
  • I like cats, tea, chocolate
  • I'm a writer and reviewer, on my way to figuring out how to make a living at that
  • I grew up mostly overseas, and it's given me a view of different ways things could be handled, personally, culturally, artistically
  • I'm a proponent of doing it your damn self whenever you can--people are too lazy these days!
  • I have Opinions, and I don't ever really know what I think until I write through it--which is why I talk things out on my blog, here

  • I'm a crafter and I make my own nail polilsh
  • I garden and at least try to grow my own food
  • I'm less and less taken in or enamoured of the idea of a consumer culture, and more and more of the opinion that we need to create, sustain, recover and transform
  • I really like the idea of Open Source Everything
  • I'm always a mess, but always working on it

  • I think I wasn't prepared to be an adult, and now I'm working through that to figure out how to build a better life
  • I'm really short, and that's an issue and a gift and an intrinsic part of who I am
  • I love the internet
  • I'm a perpetual student, even when I'm not in school
  • I'm sometimes contradictory, because there's no such thing as a completely consistent personality, especially when you're in the middle of a years-long quest to make things better
  • I'm mildly synaesthetic
  • I love to cook, but hate to clean
  • I live for travel
  • I'm an optimist
  • I believe in the future, and I think we all should so we can guarantee there will be one
  • I read a lot
  • I have several chronic health issues that I want to help people with

  • And I'm always willing to share everything I learn about the world and life with you!


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