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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Things that have been on my mind

I haven't been blogging much because my new job makes me very tired*, but that doesn't mean that my brain hasn't been full of stuff to talk about! Here's a list of some of the things I would have been blogging about:
  • Storystorming, where I literally just sit down and write ten first lines of stories I haven't written yet.
  • Consistency and what counts as consistency--if I write once a week, is that consistent? If I don't write anything for a month, does that count as not-consistent in the long run? How can I help myself be in a mind-space-time where I can write more?
  • Generally just the whole process of how to make space for creativity in a busy and tiring day job sort of life. And how it's okay to like your job and still be totally wiped out by it.
  • Tales of the Drae Book I: The Sound of Distant Thunder**
  • SPACE. Like, seriously, watching DarkMatter and Killjoys on the weekends and thinking about the eclipse in a few weeks, I'm very much in a spacey sort of headspace.*** 
  • Also space because next week I'm starting a class on the science and skills needed for living on Mars, so that's pretty cool.
  • FutureLearn in general--I've signed up for short-run classes every month through January and I'm really looking forward to them!
  • Tea. I discovered that the Food Lion right by our apartment has like three times as much tea as Target and twice as much as Walmart in the area, and I've been eyeballing the crap out of all of it. Finally picked up some yesterday because I wasn't feeling great. Gonna go back for more later.
  • Tsum Tsums. It's ridiculous how much I love these adorable little choking hazards. I want all of them. Also I want them to start making Star Wars ones in the blind bags and awesome sets, the way they've done with Disney and Marvel.
  • Romanian. I'm learning it and it's eating my brain.
What's been on your minds?

* But I like it. It's exhausting being on my feet for most of 5 days every week, and dealing with strangers is always tiring even when they're all basically nice, but the people I work with are good and the job is nice. Also I get to eat Chinese food a lot, which I love.
** I do love a long title these days, don't I?
*** I'm always in a spacey sort of headspace. I'm pretty sure that I mostly look like stars inside.

- Today's Change: Find a new thing to learn and really just sink into it. See where it takes you!

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