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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Writing report! - Monday 7-24-17

I actually got a chance to sit down and do some writing yesterday! And by some, I mean A Lot because I had almost an hour before work, a few minutes after clocking in because it was Le Dead, and then like half an hour while waiting on the bus to take me home.


Project: Tales of the Drae, Book 1: The Sound of Distant Thunder*

Pages / Words written: Twelve pages, hand-written. In my handwriting that's usually around 200-250 words a page, so something like 2400 to 3000 words.**

First line written this session
Fallon doesn't give the man so much as half a glance, so you don't either, and to be honest you're glad of not having to find a way to be polite.
Last line written this session
The sea--and something built of what doesn't look like stone.
  • Alys, the main character, is actually somehow from the past??? I have no idea yet how that's going to work out, it's not in the Plan.
  • The Eggkeeper is over three hundred years old and of a gender that doesn't exist in humans, and is maybe shifty; it hasn't shaken out yet.

Other stuff:
  • Writing second person is so fun, but I KNOW there's going to be super-shaky parts when I go back and get it in the computer. 
  • Also, I have no idea if anyone wants a whole series of second person-narration scifi-fantasy books, but that's how the story is coming and that's how I'm writing it.

*Probably. I have like five titled lined up somewhere but damned if I know where I left it with all the moving around I've been doing the last five years. But I think that's the one I've been using lately.
**Less impressive when it's been more than a week since I worked on it at all, and almost a month since I added anything significant like this, but words are words!

- Today's change: Go somewhere where you don't usually work, and stay there for a few hours until you have a lot more writing than usual done!

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