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Monday, July 24, 2017

Dark Moon Reading for the World - July 2017

This month we've got some cool cards!


PIRATE means someone who takes what they want, but also someone who does what they think is right regardless of the dominant social set up: someone outside the rules and the possibly unfair social constructs of their time. Since it's upright, I'd say it's a positive thing, more like advice that we should break from unfair rules and do what we want, than a warning against bloodthirsty villains.

STAR is the light that guides you, the distant fixed point you can get your bearings by and follow through the night. What guides you? What is your goal? This card also carries connotations of far off places that are actual and real, not just a dot of light: there are places people haven't been to yet, and they can be goals, too.

WOMAN is the card for everyone who feels like a woman--however you identify femininity. It's the traditional things about nurturing and emotions, but also that strength and fierceness women can have, too. 

All three cards are upright, which makes the overall whole reading very positive: It's advice to go after our goals, to ignore the dumb current things that might try to hold us back, and to do it like women--in this case, I'd think Wonder Woman and Furiosa, since it's about long-term things and strength. Did you ever see that thing on Tumblr about "no more dying like men, today we survive like women" (or something like that)? That's what this brings to mind: not necessarily that it'll be easy, but that there's a way to get things done that disregards things that want to tell us we can't do them, and that happens because of that particular feminine strength. 

I think this is one of the most ME readings I've done in a long time--I hope it applies to you guys, too!

- If you've like a personal reading, I do them for 3$ a card, as many cards as you want. You can pick the number or the layout and I'll do the reading, or we can see what comes up in one of my standard layouts. Contact me for info!

- What have you not done because society says you can't? Is it really true that you cant?

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