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Sunday, June 18, 2017

New developments at Sami HQ!

Announcement the first:
I'm freelancing again, and open for work!
If you've got something you need edited or written, contact me for details! I'll have a proper post on costs and services up sometime next week!

Announcement two:
I'm renovating my Patreon!
I've had the account for like a year, but I didn't know what to do about it. Now, however, I think it'd be useful to me and to you, and I'd like to ask your opinions on what you'd like to see there? Here's some stuff I was thinking about including (tho I haven't decided on what levels or whatever; I need to do more research). Likely not all of it would work right off the bat, but I'd start with what has the most interest, you know?:
  • Poetry (I'm also adding this to the blog here, a little)
  • Fanfic
  • High-quality scans of my collages (which will later be available to buy on Redbubble or Society6*)
  • Nail Polish (basically an easy way to get into the Polish of the Month Club without having to pay for the whole thing up front)
  • Flashfic and short stories
  • Mini writing lessons
  • Q&A Posts to answer writing and related questions you guys may have about writing, creativity, journaling, creative living, etc etc
  • Reviews
  • Peeks at new books when they're still raw and fresh
  • Writer worksheets
  • Journaling and Planner printables for creative types
  • Market lists each month--where to publish things
  • Brainstorming sessions with me to help you guys through things
  • Shout outs on my blog for donors, with a link to something you want to get eyes on
  • Space on my guest-blogger list, if you'd like to write something for me
  • Posts for your blogs
  • Card readings for something other than the Full or Dark moons (which are staying here on the blog)
  • Exclusive discounts in all my shops**
  • Character and / or story breakdowns (probably usually of TV or movies) to get the writerly goods out of them
  • Researching and reports on what I find when I do the research
  • A limited number of copyediting sessions each month
  • A limited number of structural edits each month
  • Essays? You guys could pick topics and I'll write about them?
  • Videos?
  • Access to a writing zine I've been thinking about for ages--as in, you'd get the printable pdf, maybe the actual thing, and also you'd have the chance to contribute pages?
  • Off course, random freebies because I'm always doing or making something and I'd love to share with the people who support my doing and making!
  • Lots of pictures and updates and discussions and stuff
  • Maybe writing prompts? Journaling prompts? Monthly competitions where the winners get posted on my blog?
  • And I've wanted to do this for a long time: A publicly-written novel! Donors would get the month's pages and then decide, as a group, where the story should go, to see how it works!
I'm interested in helping people out and using all this stuff I know, but also in collaboration and figuring out new ways of being a creative in a world that kind of isn't built for us. I know I'm not the only one in this position; I'd love to figure it out with you guys.

What do you guys think? 

*Also accounts I have and haven't been using much!
**I have a bunch of them, because of how I randomly start things all over. I want to tie the whole together into a lifestyle.

- Today's Change: Figure out how to take the things you do and make a cohesive whole out of them.

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