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Sunday, June 11, 2017

ICYMI - This week's links, week 23 of 2017!

We had to skip Sunday's show because Stuff*, but here's Wednesday's show, catching up on Doctor Who!

And here's an announcement!

This week's blog posts:
This week's offsite links:
And here's a rundown of awesome stuff I found online this week! If you want to see even more, follow me on Twitter**, because in between talking about 12 Monkeys almost daily and livetweeting TV shows, I'm constantly posting links to cool stuff!

As you can see, my brain is in a place of mostly Wonder Woman and Space, even tho I haven't even seen WW yet! Where are you at this week? Share your fav stuff in the comments! The really cool stuff might make it on a list itself!

*It's always because Stuff.
**I'm @pirategirljack there; if you ever sign up for a social media account and there's a pirategirljack there, it's like 98% likely that it's me. I sign up for all the things.

- I think next week I'm going to limit myself to only ten links, maybe...or list them instead of embedding tweets...but this week: ALL THE LINKS

- Today's change: Collect up all the cool stuff you see and do and find and love, because the world is super un-cool right now and we need a hedge against the story of doom and gloom they're feeding us!

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