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Friday, June 30, 2017

How about some end of the month free poetry?

I'm constantly writing things, regardless of if anyone ever sees them*, but I wanted to start sharing more stuff, so here's a few poems I've written this month!

where do the steps down to the sea live
and how do i find them?
i've been dreaming of them all my life, 
the place where the grey stone slowly goes green
and then disappears into a watery dark
pierced by spears of light...
i can feel those steps in my soul
but they feel like real stone, a place
where my feet can stand, solid and still and cold,
and walk me, slowly, back to the sea.

I want to live somewhere prettier than here
but I wonder if any place is pretty enough
to coax my roots into the earth to stay?
All I know is my vagabond upbringing
and twenty five years since then hasn't changed the need
to pull up stakes and give away two thirds of my books
whenever things get heavy--
and things are always heavy.
I drag around everything I ever owned because nowhere
has ever felt like a place I want to stay,
and even the places I'd go back to have changed--
more than I've changed?--
and so home is a room full of stuff I can take with me
when the walls that make it a delineated space get too small
and the town around them proves to be too narrow
and everything is more worth leaving
then suffering through to the other side.

You know what, I'm tired of being broken,
of sitting here sad and shattered and pretending I'm still whole--
that's a life for museum pieces, eggs hollowed out and painted
--beautiful--but no longer alive.
I'll patch up my cracks with glowing gold and polished silver
and wear them with pride: the cracks are where the light gets in,
the wounds are where we're stronger after,
and a crack sealed with silver looks like lightning,
brighter and stronger than us all.

This was a hard month for me, but it was also an enlightening one, and I got a job (which is why I haven't been around much), and things feel different.

*A hundred years after I die, someone's going to find a whole archive of poems, unfinished stories, aborted novels, dozens of journals, etc etc. Most of what I make never gets seen!

- Today's change: Make your struggles and ideas and wants into art!

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