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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Book Riff - Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson

And there's it's page in my Reading Journal! I like how I've been doing them, but I think maybe I might try being a little more...pretty about them? Not sure how tho.


I love me a good science book, and this one is a good science book! It's cheerfully straightforward about these huge and confusing ideas that've been coming out of astrophysics lately, and he makes them super graspable in less than 250 pages! This book is wee, lightweight, awesome, and I literally read it all in one day because it just picks you up and runs with you!

I sort of wish it was the start of a quick-and-fun series of science books like it, because 1) they'd look gorgeous all lined up on a shelf, and 2) there's lots of scientific fields that could use such an easy-to-understand primer. Get all the fun voices to write them, if NdT doesn't have the time or doesn't feel comfortable tacking sciences outside his job description--if they were all in one series, Bill Bryson, Mary Roach, Stephen Hawking, Dava Sobel, think how totally awesome that series would be!

There's not really any astrophysics in this book; it's more like what astrophysics has told us, described with no actual math and the absolute minimum of talking about math...but I could have used some charts or diagrams, if they're not putting pictures in, which they didn't. I've read a lot of science books, but this one has stuff even I hadn't heard of, which was super cool! Look how much info we've learned just since Carl Sagan got me into devouring books about science when I was a teenager!

Also, I think books like this are important! Schools aren't doing a great job at scientific literacy these days, and there's sort of this idea that science is so fancy and advanced that people don't need to know it because it's too hard to learn. This book proves that's totally false, AND makes it fun and exciting! Good job, NdT!

- The preview is an affiliate link!
- Also, the preview is for the Kindle version since they're not offering the same embedding feature for the hardcover??? The hardcover is what I read, tho, and it's a gorgeous little book!

- Today's Change: Think of the world as bigger and stranger and cooler than it looks in your day-to-day, and allow yourself to be excited about it! Science does exactly that!

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