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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Summer Solstice reading for the world!

I have a complicated relationship with summer. I don't do well with heat and excessive light, so I spend most of the summer hiding from both. On the other hand, this is when swimming is an option and when the garden and everything else is most productive. Spring's allergies are gone, but fall, my favorite season, hasn't come yet. Summer in the South lasts a really long time and June is barely the start of it. 

It always weirded me out that the Solstice is also called "midsummer", even though this is just the beginning of it here. 

But I'm in the middle of a project of trying to like the seasons for what they are, so as part of my celebration of summer, here's a five-card reading for you all!

Which means:

Nature's Law is the way the world works independently of humans and their ideas of how it should work; since it's reversed, it means there's an issue with it: either things are not acting naturally, or that's not where we should be focusing. Maybe both, as in, things aren't working because we're looking in the wrong place.

Light is a good card to draw today, the longest day of the year, when we'll be getting the most literal light we'll ever get. This card means everything shining and outward: happiness, activity, movement, the ability to see things as they are before we run into them, not being heavy, not being dark. It tells you to get out there and do stuff and know things.

Ordinary World means the world before the quest--where things aren't necessarily great, but you don't know that yet. The fact that it's reversed means that maybe you do know it now: this isn't the world you started in, and the fact that this is literally a reading for the world makes that interpretation even more pointed. The point of the quest we're all always on is to figure out what we're going to do with that knowledge.

Synchronistic is a cool card: it means the way things that need to be together seem to magically just come together. You find out what you need to know at just the right moment. You find yourself in the right place at the right time. The people you need to know appear in your life right when you need them. It's a card for chance and happenstance, but the sort that's on your side, the sort that's like a gift from the universe.

Air is the card for mental pursuits: talking and communicating, singing and telling stories, thinking and learning. It's about being light and not tied down to more practical things so that you can form the really good ideas. It's a creative card.

All together, this is a pretty good set for a solstice, one about moving forward and learning new things, about things changing and new things moving into place. There's a little bit of a warning in Nature's Law being reversed, and in combination with Ordinary World being reversed, maybe we should look out for stuff we normally wouldn't expect this quarter--probably storms or metaphorical storms, since it's these two cards. Acting and doing and learning and taking advantage of new opportunities never did avoid shaking up the world, though.

And some questions to ask yourself this longest day of the year:
  • What is your relationship with heat and light like? Is there anything you can do to make it better? More useful for what you want to do in your life?
  • What are your absolute favorite summer activities? What can you do to get more of those out of this summer?
  • What would your ideal summer look like? What's keeping it from looking like that and what can you do to make it closer to that?
  • What do you have ripening on the vine? It's not harvest time yet, but what have you been working on that you hope will give you big rewards? Is there a way you can keep it going well?
  • Where are you shining your brightest these days? Is it where you want to be shining?
Happy Solstice!

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- Today's Change: Now is the perfect time to lighten up and get shining; you're in control of where you put that energy, so where will you put it?

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