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Friday, June 9, 2017

A Full Moon reading for the world - June 2017

Once again, my camera is cruddy, but this month's Full Moon cards are:


DARK reversed means the opposite: Light. So, brightness (both mental and physical), movement and activity, daytime and all the associations with it. It means not to get hung up in dark things--depression, inactivity, sleep, restfulness, alone time. I don't think dark is a bad thing, but the opposite of it isn't necessarily good or bad either; you have to find the balance.

DIPLOMACY reversed means that the time for talking things out may be past. It doesn't automatically go to violence--none of my cards are about violence--but the give and take of a good debate isn't what's needed now. Fight for your beliefs. Stand up for them. Battle back whatever badness is coming at you.

EMERGENCE means something new is just coming into view--and this card has been coming up a lot since this year started. There's always some new thing! Keep your eyes out for not just the new good things, but also the new bad ones that we need to be vigilant of. The uprightness indicates that what's coming could be good, but the other two being reversed and being about being active, seems to warn that it could be rough.

So to sum up:
  • Go out into the world and be bright and active and get stuff done.
  • The time for peaceful and respectful dialog is done, which means the time for standing up for your beliefs is starting.
  • Watch out for new things coming onto the scene.
I'll be back with another reading on the Dark Moon in two weeks!

- If you'd like a personal reading, I offer them for 3$ a card, as many cards as you like! Contact me for details.

- Today's change: Think about where you can get guidance and what that guidance tells you. How can you best make use of it for the world and for your own place in it?

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