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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tea tasting - Cara McGee's Tardis Blend from @Adagio!

A few weeks ago, Adagio.com totally made my week by contacting me and offering me a chance to try and review some of the teas! I, of course, being the tea monster I am*, accepted embarassingly quickly, combined their freebies with cashing out my points, and now I have a whole bunch of teas to review!

This is the first one: Cara McGee's Tardis Blend!

The official details:
Tastes bigger inside the cup [Ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla]
Sounds fab, right?

It looks amazing, and it smells even better! When the tin is closed, it smells very sweet and vanilla-y, and then when it's open, there's this rush of like Fruity-Pebbles-ness--but if Fruity Pebbles grew up a little and were made with more natural things. It's SO yummy, I literally just sniffed at it for a while. The box these tins came in smelled amazing, even with so many smells all together, and I think the Adagio workshops** must be like some sort of tea heaven.

I brewed a whole pot off of about a tablespoon of the tea--roughly a fifth or a sixth of the tea in the tin--and it was nice and strong in all three cups (my teacups are ludicrously large; I'm serious about this tea drinking business). It never got so bitter that it couldn't be drunk--I even left the tea in the pot to see what would happen, and all three cups were no more bitter than the first one, which is to say, a standard level of high-quality-black tea-ness.

I even refilled the pot for a second round, and it brewed another, lighter pot that still tasted good!

The taste is lovely. Mostly like citrusy earl grey, which is the dominant flavor in the tea, but the vanilla softens it up and sweetens it nicely. It makes it smoother than a lot of earl greys out there, and the bergamot actually tastes like fruit and not like floor cleaner like some so-called earl greys do***. It's very youthful, really, and even just the tea, no sugar or milk, has a nice fruity sweetness.

But since it's a British-pop-culture-flavored tea and I had lots to drink and decided to be serious about this tasting, I tried it with some milk and sugar. British style!

It was even better!

The milk smooths the black-tea kick and the vague sharpness of the citrus into something very dessert-like, and the sugar brings out the vanilla. I didn't really taste the berries either way, but I bet they're where that awesome fruity smell comes from, and that smell carries over to the brewed drink nicely.

It feels sort of decadent with even just a little bit of sweet and cream, like a whole different cup! I think next time I have some, I'm having it this way right off the bat, even though I usually just drink my tea plain, straight from the pot, because I drink so much of it.

This is definitely one of my favorite teas now, and when I'm done with it, I get to keep this super-cute little tin!

I think this is one of the most popular teas on the site: if you get the full-sized bag, you get a discount of a few dollars!

These are the rest of the ones I have to sample still, so stay tuned!

Disclosure: These were offered to me for free (plus three of them came from cashing out my own points, which anyone can do to get free tea, too), and I don't get anything for reviewing them. Cara might get points if you buy this one, though, and since she's a tea celeb, that's really for the best!

The opinions in these reviews are my own!

*I'm pretty sure I'm about 78% tea by this point. I'm surprised I don't steep in the tub, tbh.
**Warehouse? I have no idea what their work space looks like, and their closest store is several states away from me, much to my endless sadness.
***Seriously, guys, don't buy cheap earl grey. I have a whole tin of some new Walmart Brand that is basically undrinkable, it's so harsh, and undrinkable tea is unforgivable.

- I'm always up for reviewing tea; if you own a tea company and want to send me tea, I'm your girl.

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