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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Full Moon reading for the world - May 2017

As part of my spiritual practice, I do a monthly card reading for the world on the Full Moon and Dark Moon. I'm not sure if any oracles have any magical reality, but I know that they're pretty good at pointing out things we should be paying attention to!

Here's the reading for May 2017, the Flower Moon:

Woman - Emergence (r) - Inheritance

Woman means all the things that are generally traditionally associated with "feminine": feelings, creation, emotional support, growing things, changing with the seasons and the moons, nurturing. Since it's upright, it means we're looking at the positive aspects of these things.

Emergence Reversed means that whatever has been coming into being is done now--the way things are now is what we have to work with; looking at the world, I'd say that the reversal also calls into mind the negativity that's running rampant in almost every country right now. This is what has emerged, and this is what we're given to handle.

Inheritance means the actual things we get from those who came before--not the culture, that's Heritage, though it can mean biology. It's the literal stuff handed down to us from our ancestors and our family and our world. Since it's upright, I'd say it's pointing to us to look for the good things we've inherited, or ways to make good out of what we've been given.

All together, I'd say that the whole message is that the world we have is rocky and not great, but that it's new, and by using what we've been given, combined with the nurturing and creation and caring energies that've been left out of this blustery, aggressive world, we can make something new and better.

- If you'd like a personal reading, contact me here, on Twitter, or on Tumblr, and we'll talk number of cards: it's 3$ per card, as many as you like!

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