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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April 2017 Writing Report: Still a bum

I'm still a total bum on Beacon. I missed my page deadline with my crit partner, and then at the end of the month, life caved in again (it always seems to happen around May??) and I haven't caught up yet. I've got to do that before the next round is due. I don't know what's up in my head, but writing longform, my usual forte, has been so freaking hard

So I'm lowering my daily expectations again, and I'm going to try to write every day, starting today or tomorrow, and see what I can get done. Three pages already feels so low, and yet here I am, not writing pages at all. 

I think it's a combo of:
  • My whole life feeling all fragmented right now
  • Distractions eating up my attention
  • My morning routine being ALL out of whack; like, I'm hardly doing any of the stuff I usually do in the morning and I'm sleeping too late to have time for a routine
On the other hand, I wrote a poem almost every day in April. On Haiku Day, I wrote seventeen. I spruced up my Poetry Page and decided to stop being a secretive anonymous nobody about it, so there's that. I think I'll have enough for a new book of poems soonish, and that's exciting.

I read four books in April and reviewed them on NY Journal of Books, so that counts as writing, too.

I started a new Writer's Notebook. This one, I'm getting serious about. Like, I've been keeping writer's notebooks for flipping ever, but somehow it never occurred to me to combine the idea with all the stuff I'm learning about Bullet Journaling until I did that for my Reading Notebook, so now I'm working on getting all the random and scattered How Tow Write stuff all in once place: a style and method guide for myself, made up of all the stuff I most need to remember. And also fun stuff and practical things like my story-tracking pages and submissions pages. I'll make a proper post about it when I have more than one page done.

I also started a Creativity Book: I've been doing Right Brain Planner pages for years now, and a lot of them have to do with creativity and how to live a creative life, but I've been just putting them into my journal...where they immediately get buried because I'm literally always filling pages. So I separated out the ones specifically about creativity into their own little notebook, and I'm making that a specific study on creativity, creative living, my studio notebook for all the work I do, and whatever new discoveries science brings us or my own weird process produces. It feels good, having a thing. I'll update you on that later, too.

I'm hoping, with these adjustments, that May will be less of a struggle.

How did you writerly folks do in April?

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