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Friday, May 5, 2017

A new nail polish shop and a new chance at awesomeness!

Because of life being unpredictable and me being bad at it, my Etsy shop has been closed down for what I hope is temporary, but which might wind up being a while. So I finally went and invested some time in the backup shop I'd built and then never filled a few months ago! Today I listed these three colors; each day, I'm going to list a few more, until all the ones with pro swatch photos are listed and the shop is beautiful and charming and filled with sparkly geeky nail polish!

Don't worry, though; if you're looking for a color that hasn't been posted yet, there's a listing specifically for that: Colors I Haven't Posted Yet! Just tell me which one you wanted, and we'll get on it! 

If you happen to be of the taking-awesome-pictures-of-nails variety, you can help me out by sending me clear, well-lit photos of the polishes you have or that you buy from now on! If not, just hold tight; eventually, all the polishes will be listed, individually so that you know exactly what you're buying*, and this shop will be so pretty. I've learned a lot from Etsy, but the fees were getting a bit much, and I think it's past time I tried something else, whether I get back to the Etsy shop or not in the near future.

Let's talk about online shops and geeky things! Do you guys have any questions about Etsy shops or advice about Tictail ones? Do you just want to talk shows? I'm always up for that!

*I'm always as clear as I can be in my listings, but Etsy charges for every listing, so I'd list sets together and state that it's for ONE BOTTLE...and several times a month, someone misses that point and gets confused. So no more of that in the backup shop!

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