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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Dark Moon reading for the world - May 2017


As part of what passes as a spiritual practice, I read cards for myself on the Full and Dark moons, and now I read them for the world, too! Here's this month's reading for the dark:

MYSTIC means all that stuff that isn't physical and can't be proven by science, and since it's reversed, it means the opposite: things that are concrete and provable, results that can be duplicated, truth that is universal and objective, regardless of whether someone believes in it or not. This is about facts and knowledge and solid reality, not the internal things that apply only to the self.

ADULT means what it says, but since it's reversed too, also the opposite: it means to remember what it's like to be a child--wondering, learning new things for the first time, willing to try anything, trusting others to help you feel safe and supported. It implies creativity and not being bound by previous learning yet: a fresh start and a clean slate and boundless curiosity.

THRESHOLD GUARDIAN / HERALD is a two-for-one card because I haven't separated the two yet. It's part of the Campbell "Hero's Journey"*, and it means the things you have to prove you're good enough to, and the things that call you to adventure. These are at the start of a myth-cycle, the first challenges of a new way of being, on the way to some great adventure and / or new quest. Since they're upright, it means this in a positive way: there's something the world needs to prove before it can move forward into a new way of being, and the call has already been sent out for the coming adventure.

All together, it's a reminder to face facts and act on things that can be proven, but also to remember to be open-minded and willing to learn; apply creativity and curiosity to find solutions to the problems ahead of us. There will be a challenge, and we have to prove that we're up to it, but what's past that is a grand new adventure that'll change how things work.

*I also haven't yet made new cards for the Heroine's Journey to balance these cards out some and make them more lady-friendly, but as a lady, I have a lifetime of translating dude-to-lady and it works well enough for now!**
**This is the exciting part of having an open oracle, I think; the way it adapts and grows as I need it to!

-If you'd like a reading for yourself, I offer personal readings at 3$ a card, as many cards as you want, and we can use your fav layout or find one to suit the number of cards you want! I'll send you a full write up and you can have up to three clarification-draws as part of the deal! Contact me if you're interested!

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