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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day!

In an attempt to get my life back where I want it to be, I've been taking refresher courses* in math. Which means I'm thinking about math a lot more than usual. Which means this is the first Pi Day in ages when I'm equally as interested in Pi as I am in Pie!

Here's Pi to the first 100 digits just in case you were wondering. Did any of you have a math teacher that had it printed up around the border of the classroom like I did? I suck at memorizing numbers, so thank god the internet happened and let me just look this up:


Lookit all those numbers!

Since the first part of that is 3.14, March 14 is Pi Day. And since mathematicians are nerds and nerds like puns, we celebrate with Pie! I always did appreciate a good pun (and a good pie).

Some random facts about Pi that I like:

Here's my Pinterest board for all things pie:

My fav pie recipe is super easy:
Mix four egg yolks with one can of sweetened condensed milk and half a cup of key lime pie; pour into a prepared gramcracker crust; cook at 350 for half an hour. Key Lime Pie!

What's your favorite pie? OR How do you feel about math?

*I say 'refresher courses' when a lot of the stuff I'm learning I don't think I ever actually learned the first time around...

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