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Monday, March 13, 2017

A Full Moon reading for March 2017!


This month's Full Moon reading starts with Acetic reversed, which is generally a warning to not be so sparse in things. Don't hoard resources, don't deny them to yourself or your people, don't ration things that don't need rationing. When it's reversed, the idea of doing fine with less is a problem.

Man is all the masculine-coded* stuff we as people and cultures do. Since it's upright, it's in a positive tone: thinking, acting, being active, getting things figured out and built and done. Positive forms of masculinity (not the toxic forms), out in the world doing good, is what this card means. 

Mind is kind of a related card: it's all the stuff that happens because we have conscious thought. Thoughfulness, forethought, figuring things out, deciding what futures we'll aim for, philosophy and which ones we'll pick and apply, using our minds to solve the problems of the world, since it's in a positive tone.

All together, I'd say this month's reading is an encouragement to use our big human brains to solve problems and make things work, not to cut each other off from resources and make things worse. We're in an important part of history right now: which path will we take? This months cards say to figure it out in a dynamic and forward-thinking way that uses our collective active-bright-outward-building-talking-thinking skills in a way that makes more not less for the people.

*As in, traditionally masculine-coded, not meaning stuff that girls can't do. I have other gards for other gendered things and non-gendered things in the deck too!

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