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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Today is a good news day!

My new fav show of the season, Lethal Weapon, got renewed! If you've been watching me on Twitter on on our weekly show, you know that me and Joy have have been worried, what with it being Fox and their decade-long bad track record with good shows. But they came through! There's still three or four episodes left before the season finale, and they didn't make us wait for months or wallow in uncertainty after the inevitable cliffhanger at all! Good job, Fox! Keep it up, and break that bad rep!

This is especially important for two reasons: One, TV is so good these days on all channels, that it's amazingly good to see channels like Fox and Syfy committing to their best stuff and letting the stories play out instead of axing them the second they don't have 100% of whatever market share they're looking for. Between this and Lucifer, it looks like Fox is believing in their own shows again.

And Two, because this is the first show I know of that shows a realistic view of what massive depression looks like--and it's not the whole point of the show. They're giving him the time to work through it, to heal from it, to reconnect with the world, but it's not a show about that. It's a show about solving crimes and being buddy-cops, that just happens to feature this long and hard journey as a normal and actual part of a character's life.

I didn't even know that I needed Real Depression Representation until they took Riggs seriously and there it was!

And within minutes of learning about LW's renewal, I also heard about the discovery of seven--count them, SEVEN earth-sized planets--discovered around a little star only 40 light years away! At least three of them are in the potential habitable zone, they're close enough to study with better accuracy than a lot of the exoplanets so far discovered, and on the off chance that there's life there, messages could be returned within a lifetime or so!

This is amazing, you guys! It's like we got an upgrade on our corner of the universe!

And the book that I've been most excited about reading, A Conjuring of Light, just came out yesterday and I should be reciving a review copy soon! I'm so PSYCHED, you guys! Once I've read it and reviewed it for NYJB, I'll put up a bookriff here and talk about the series as a whole, because it's amazing and beautiful and I love it.

What good news have you gotten lately? Share in the comments!

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