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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Have you guys signed up for Telfie yet?

A billion years ago, it seems, there was an app called GetGlue that I loved, and they'd give you digital stickers you could share online or have printed off into real stickers, for checking into TV shows. Then they disappeared. Now, there's Telfie! They're adding more shows every week, and you do have to pay to have them printed as real stickers, but they're still stickers! I'll let you know what they're like after I get some more and try out the printing feature.

You can keep track of which shows have stickers on their Twitter account, but you can check into shows and movies and events regardless of whether there's stickers for them. You can also suggest new shows, which is the coolest.

The ones in this post are the stickers I got this week. Most of what I watch each week doesn't have stickers yet, but I've been mentioning them on the tweets to see if that helps them build whatever sort of connection it takes to get permission to make stickers for a show. Yay social media! I mean, I'm going to be watching TV anyway, but it's nice to have someone give me stickers for it!

You can share to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr when you check into a show, which gives all sorts of opportunities to start a conversation about the show you're watching! I'm SamiHolloway over there, let's be friends!

What shows would you want stickers for? Tell them at @telfieapp on the tweets!

- I love apps. I'm not being paid by them or anything, but the guy who runs the twitter for the app was nice to me when I asked a question and I'm sort of obsessed with stickers.
- I'm probably going to be doing periodic posts about fun apps that I like and use regularly, because if it's taking up brainspace, maybe someone else might like to hear about it?

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