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Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 2017 Dark Moon Reading for the World!

Time for another Dark Moon reading, my lovelies! 


All three are reversed, so that means they're in agreement that something is off; it can be something big or something small, but the way things are, I'm inclined to think it's a big off-ness. The fact that it's the Dark Moon, which is for getting rid of things, makes me think that it's a heads up about what we need to work on, more than a DOOOOOOOM sort of a thing.

KARMA has come up before: it's the payback we get for what we put into the world. Since it's reversed, it means there's something negative coming, or there's a problem with what we're putting out--or both. So mind your p's and q's and try to act in a more positive, healing, reconciling sort of way.

SPIRIT is just what it sounds like: the immaterial parts of us, the parts not dependent on a physical form. It can mean both, like, your soul that lives on and animates your body, or it could mean, like, "keeping spirits up". The fact that it's reversed can indicate both a block in spiritual aspects of life, and a problem with staying whole and connected and balanced. 

STAR is the guiding light that leads us through the night. Think of sailors with a star to guide by, or Peter Pan looking for the first star on the right. It's reversed, so that would indicate the chance of losing our way, of committing to wrong paths, of wandering through the night without a guide. Star can also mean that long-term goal way out in space, the goal of your whole community or country or planet, which sort of makes being lost in the dark a more daunting thing.

All together, I'd take it as a warning that we need to, as a people, find our way back to the right way of doing things, both in the physical world and in the metaphysical of where we're putting our investments and what we're giving back to the world, and where we're steering our ships. 

Basically, it feels like a chance to fix things before they get really wonky, in our collective personal lives and in the world. What bad energies and behaviors do you want to unload so that you can go back into the world positive and helpful?

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