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Friday, February 10, 2017

A Snow Moon reading for the world!

This reading's cards are fun ones:

Ninja means to look out for things that are hidden and may come at you when you're not looking--from your own actions and from those of others. It also means to look out for what you're doing behind the scenes--do you have a good cause behind whatever you're doing? Are you working for the right masters? What are you hoping to accomplish with your behind the scenes work? Whatever you send out into the world, are they going out for justified reasons?

Karma, as it usually means, is the interplay between what you put out into the world and what comes back to you. Are you putting out what you want back? In other words, are you being your best self and acting the way you want to be treated? Are you working toward your goals in a way that'll bring the results cleanly and honestly? This is one of the cards I have in the deck to let the divine in; when it shows up, it's usually a hint to pay attention to divine attention (or whatever you feel takes the place of the divine, if you're not religious / spiritual--something bigger than us).

Mystic means all that stuff that's beyond logical and physical concerns. If you have a spiritual practice, maybe it's time to look at the more esoteric parts of it; if not, maybe it's time to look at the more esoteric parts of yourself and your worldview. Anything that's outside daily concerns, and not really about physical stuff. It's about the things that happen in life that aren't easily explained, the coincidences, the blessings, the weird events that might happen from things out of your control.

All of the cards are upright, so they're generally talking about positive things, and the outcome should be positive, too, if you take your advice and look where you're going. Two of the cards deal with the metaphysical results of your actions and your beliefs, so keep an eye out for the Bigger Picture and the results of it. It looks generally like a chance to make sure you're acting in private and in public in ways that are aligned with who you are and what you're trying to do in the world.

What will you do to make sure everything is flowing in the right directions?

* I decided to decorate the pic with a Valentines theme instead of with a snowy theme, because I'm sick and my feet are cold and I didn't want to look at cold-looking things!

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