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Friday, January 6, 2017

Worksheet Wednesday on Friday night!

This week's CASHEWCreations shop update pages! We've got:
  • A tracker for what happened in a single episode or for all three episodes in a primetime night's viewing
  • A way to tell if your goal is good / strong / clear enough
  • A tracker for mail in and out in a month or in a week (if you have a lot of mail!)
  • A page for defining contingency plans BEFORE things go off the rails so you can refer to it if they do
  • And a page for recording all the stuff you need you remember about a doctor's visit!
As usual, they're all 1$ a page (2$ when the listing is for two pages), and there's lots more to come as the year continues!

*If you use any of my pages in your journals or files or planners, tag me @pirategirljack on Twitter or Instagram, and @samiholloway on Tumblr, and I'll share the pics! I'd love to see how people color them up or trick them out or otherwise make them work with their own systems!

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