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Saturday, January 21, 2017

What're your ten favorite foods?

1. Chocolate
Literally almost any chocolate will do. I most love the expensive European stuff I can't afford and the Cadbury's stuff I can't get in the US, but chocolate is all good. Even cheap-ass bulk chocolate for Easter--those peanutbutter-and-krispies things from Palmers? So good. If there's a choice between something that's chocolate and something that's not, I'll probably pick the chocolate. There's no match for the combo of taste and texture as it melts in your mouth!

2. Tea
Okay, not technically a 'food', but since I drink it every day and you CAN eat it, I'mma list it. This past weekend, we had to tear the whole house up for a really annoying maintenance thing, and that means I didn't have access to oven, microwave OR kettle for almost three days and I could have cut a man. Like chocolate, any tea is better than none, but really my favs are Earl Grey, Jasmine, Gunpowder, Oolong, and almost any Blackcurrant or Rose.

(and ps: I also make my own blends over on Adagio if you wanna take a peek?)

3. Sushi
I do not get nearly enough sushi in my life since I moved to NC! Almost any day of the week, I'd kill for an eel roll. Or a bagel roll. Or anything with avocado or cream cheese. Or tempura. Man, now I'm craving again.

4. Curry
I have yet to find a curry I didn't like. I mean, if it's super hot, I probably won't eat it because my heat tolerance is still pretty low (tho better than it was before I lived with someone from New Orleans!), and I'm not a fan of things being so spicy that I can't taste the actual food, but it's still curry, and it's still one of the best-smelling foods ever. I love how every country does it differently, and how that means I get even more to try!

5. Chick-fil-a Nuggets
Like, fried chicken in general is always pretty good, but there's something specifically about THESE nuggets, and how they blend with their store-name sauce or the Polynesian sauce that makes me so happy. It doesn't make me happy that the company is conservative and gives money to groups I don't agree with, so I'm gonna look for clone recipes (which maybe I can also make GF so I don't have to ration it!).

6. Tacos
Effing tacos, man! Like a lot of other things I love, they're super versatile, and even mediocre ones aren't that bad--but good ones are sublime. There was a California-style taco shop I used to eat at all the time that only made chicken, beef or pork, and all three were amazing. There's a food truck out by the flea market up here that makes super-authentic Mexican-style ones that are so addictive we ate twice as many as we intended to the day we discovered them. I also don't get enough tacos in my life, and I think I need to fix that.

7. Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies
Any chocolate chip cookie is cool, but there's something specifically amazing about the salty-sweet-chewy-crispy-edge thing that this recipe does--especially when they come out like the ones in this picture: flat and perfectly textured. I use the recipe on the back of the chips, same as my mom, but somehow they taste different when she makes them...

8. Pannettone
Only between Christmas and New Years, and more expensive every year so that I might just start making my own, but DANG they're good. And when the loaf starts getting a little stale, they toast up amazingly, just throw a wedge in the oven or toaster oven. Me and my dad used to eat this when we lived in Italy when I was little; it tastes like memories.

9. Tiramisu
I'm pretty sure tiramisu is designed to be addictive. Chocolate + coffee + creamy marscapone + sweet + fantastic texture differences? I'm there.

10. Goulash
This pic is way more photogenic than my mom's, but it's another thing that's So Good. The recipe my mom uses came from an ancient cook book, starts with cutting and cooking six onions, and is so full of flavor that that beefaroni-mess that Americans call Goulash will just run away and hide in shame. Seriously, it's one of the best three-hours-to-cook meals ever. Mom picked up the recipe when we lived in Europe, and it was probably the third or fourth meal I learned how to cook.

What're your favorite foods? Why do you love them? What memories do they have for you? Share in the comments!

- I could probably do this list every week and list ten different things every time; I LOVE food. Eating things is So Good. I have no idea how I wound up anorexic in high school and stopped eating all together.
- Honorable mentions I could put on a future list: Pizza, Gelato, Prawn Cocktail Crisps, French Fries, Guava and Creamcheese on a Galleta, Flan, Boiled Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, Basically Any Potato...

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