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Friday, January 6, 2017

We're waiting on snow and I'm still sick and restless, so here's some answers to questions about me

I found This List on Tumblr with one hundred questions for asks, but I never get asked the asks, and I suddenly remembered how these posts would go around on LiveJournal and I'd just spend two hours answering them, and it seemed like a good way to spend some time tonight. So here's the first chunk of the Qs to A.

Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? 
I have all three, but I actually prefer Google Music because back when it was new and I was desperately backing up my quickly failing computer, I uploaded all 80gigs of my own music to Google and so when I want to listen to music, I go there. I have playlists I've had for a decade there.

Out of these three, though, I use Pandora the most, but get tired of it because it always degenerates into bland strummy lala that all sounds the same after a few hours. I use Spotify if I want to listen to a specific song I don't own, but I get tired of that one because they have So Many Ads and I'm really getting tired of every dang thing being clogged with ads all the time. I almost never got to SoundCloud unless I'm specifically linked there.*

is your room messy or clean?
Oh, god, messy. Always messy. Partly because I need to see things to remember I have them / need to finish them. Partly because I've been living in borrowed spaces for five years and never have enough anything for the items required for life. And partly just because I'm not a good housekeeper. One day I'll pay people who like cleaning up to do it for me!

what color are your eyes?
Green! My niece says they're greener than they used to be, I don't know, I don't go gazing at my own eyes all that much. I do know that they were starting to hazel out with bits of gold and stuff for a while, but I guess they're back to being green now!**

do you like your name? why?
When I was a kid, I didn't. I wanted to be called Charlotte Johanson about six months before a teen Scarlet Johansson happened, so I changed my mind. I went through a lot of names and a lot of nicknames before I decided to just be who I am, and since then I've basically liked my name.

what is your relationship status? 
I am in a committed relationship with several fictional characters. Also with books, tea, chocolate, and every cat in the world.

describe your personality in 3 words or less
Creative. Awkward. Nervous.

what color hair do you have?
At the moment, mousy brownish. It's been getting darker and blander as I've gotten older; when I was a baby and toddler, it was red and curly, then it turned blonde till I hit puberty, and it's been getting more brown since then. In high school and college, I had every shade of red you can get in a bottle (including that time when it made all my hair fall out because Old Style Dye), then there were several years of henna making it sort of gloriously orange***, and then since then I've had it pink, purple, and cobalt blue. I want aqua next, but I keep having to put it off because of looking for work!

what kind of car do you drive? color?
The invisible kind. I don't own a car, and I never learned how to drive one so I probably won't. I have terrible depth perception because of high-prescription eyeglasses, really bad nearsightedness, and a general fear of dangerous things flying straight at me at speed. Also, the year I was supposed to learn to drive, I got hit by a car that dislocated my hip and broke my face and basically put me off the whole driving thing.

I would, however, learn to drive if I ever happened to find myself in possession of a camper or a tiny house of my own. Unless I had a True Love who could do the driving for me that I could actually manage to live with in such a small space.

where do you shop?
Mostly, Walmart. I like Target better, but it costs more. I wish I could shop at all the cool stores at the mall, and at flea markets and antique stores again. That's much more my style.

how would you describe your style?
I recently described it something like, "where goth, mori, vintage, and post-apocalyptic scavenger overlap". I have a lot of issues with pain, so I mostly dress for comfort most days, but I also have issues with, like, elastic touching my skin, or itchiness, or weird fabrics, so I have to find things I can stand to wear, too. And I like to look cute, even when I look like a scav.

favorite social media account
I like social media as A Thing. I have Many Accounts. But the ones I use most are Instagram and Twitter. I love my Tumblr like it's my own home town. I adore this little nothing app called Peach that no one else is on, because even though it's a ghost town and I'm talking into the void, it's a super cute app with all these neat little things you can do with it. IG or Twitter or someone should buy it out and fold all those little doodads into their much bigger platforms. I've just gotten back into using Snapchat. And I love our YouTube show.

what size bed do you have?
Right now, a twin. But it's a cool high-off-the-ground one.

any siblings?
One brother and one sister, both younger. Several honorary siblings.

if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?
Scotland. In a second. We lived all over the world when I was a kid, but that's where it felt most like a place I fit into**** and that's where I think of as "home" when we're talking about being homesick. I want to go home. I half hoping that if the whole Brexit thing is as bad as it sounds, Scotland will finally break from the UK and then will open it's doors to creatives and make it easier for me to move back and set up there. This is likely A Pipe Dream and is probably based on Not Understanding How Things Work, but a girl can dream.

favorite snapchat filter?
I like all the princessy ones that make my skin all smooth and my eyes all shiny. I really liked that planets one that my niece had on her phone the other day, but it never showed up on my phone, so I have no proof it exists.

favorite makeup brand(s)
The cheap kind. Or I make my own. But I really like ELF, I used to love Avon when I was selling it years ago, and when I had disposable income I was in love with Urban Decay. I want all their palettes.

how many times a week do you shower?
Usually about every other day, unless there's Stuff Happening to make it less or more. My hair and my skin don't like daily showering, but three days or more is too much, so every other day it is. Even at that, in the winter I have to oil up like an ancient Greek wrestler to keep from drying up and cracking.

favorite tv show?
I am a fan of All The Shows. Just look at my Tumblr. Once upon a time I would have answered XFiles or Farscape or Stargate, but now there's just so much good TV on that I feel like I'm shortchanging it all and limiting myself if I pick one. I am a huge and emotionally compromised fan of 12 Monkeys. I love Doctor Who, Blindspot, Scorpion, all the CW superhero shows (except Arrow, and I feel bad about that), Lethal Weapon, Good Place, Lucifer, the Librarians, Sherlock, and literally dozens of other shows.

shoe size?
In flats, usually a 3. I have the smallest feet ever. In heels, sometimes I can wear up to a five or five and a half, if the heel is high enough to make the length short enough.

how tall are you?
4'10.5". The half inch is very important.

How about you guys? What're your answers to these Qs?

-Also, we're having internet connectivity issues (maybe from the weather?) and I can't get tumblr to load, which is usually how I kill time when I'm restless.
*I thought about using SoundCloud as a podcast host when we were doing our show on Blab; they'd send an audio file as well as a video one, and I was like, I can just upload our show as is and have an automatic podcast! But alas, they only allow fifteen minute or something for free and I can't pay for hosting. I also don't know how to edit mp3s...
**My mom's are exactly jade green, like the dark kind of jade. She doesn't even have flecks or rings or anything, just green eyes. My brother's were greenish when we were kids, but always more gold than I had, and are now almost blue. Eyes are weird, dudes.
***All the bottle dyes are like "no more orange!" and I was like "how can I manipulate how henna works to maximize the orange?" I make it with a tea of red and orange herbs (safflower, rose, hibiscus, calendula) and extra acidity from apple cider vinegar (I don't like the way lemon juice smells with henna).

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