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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Something to think about - Intersectionality and Self-care

I just read this article on Shine: 3 Things You Should Know About Intersectionality and Self Care. It's not super-deep into the depths of the idea, but it brings up the fact that where you are in life, economics, and race (among other things) affects what you can do about taking care of yourself, and it's something I've been running into myself. I was So Happy to see someone--especially a site I get daily texts from*--talking about this, because the reality I face is that a lot of the things people talk about when they talk about self-care are things I can't afford or that don't apply to me.

Sure, I'd love to do yoga every day, but I have chronic pain and weak ligaments**; it's not feasible a lot of the time. I also don't have the funds to pay for classes, and there aren't any around here anyway...and who would watch the nephews if I was always at yoga? Self-care is literally about taking care of yourself and not about being selfish, but at that point, when real life leans more on you than on someone with more money, or living in a cooler state, or with better health, it starts becoming selfish. If you're leaving someone else in the lurch to take care of yourself, are you really taking care of anything?

The answer to that is something I wish I knew; it seems to be a shifting point, different all the time. And how much worse must it be for people sicker, poorer, darker, or otherwise further off the "norm"*** than I am?

So I'm putting this here, the start of an idea of things to work on. I feel like that's what this year's mission is going to wind up being, both personally and culturally--figuring out all the things we need to think about.

What do you guys think? What're your thoughts on self-care? How hard is it and how do you make it easier without making it harder on everyone else in your life?

*ShineText is so cool. Little bite-sized nuggets of ways to make yourself happier and healthier, and ways to make life easier and better, and it's so far been pretty diverse and thoughtful about it.
**Since fall, I've popped ligaments in my legs twice just by doing totally normal things like walking outside. Once taking the nephews to school, and that one took like five or six weeks to heal and required crutches to get around, and once taking the trash out and that one took almost two weeks to heal. It sucks. And it makes me scared to get back into yoga, which was previously one of my goals for this year, because I don't know if it'll make the problem better or worse...
***More and more, I think the norm is a lie and almost no one qualifies, but the lie is so strong that almost everyone wants to. It's probably the source of a lot of our country's unhappiness.

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