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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My aesthetic is: Modern Library editions of classical books

For Yule this year, my Packleader* sent me two new additions to my Modern Library collection! I effing loves these books. I started collecting them when I was a broke English major and I needed to find cheaper editions of the books and short stories and poems we were reading than what the school bookstore offered. Luckily, Flagler was right in the middle of an old historic district and there was a used bookstore up the road that kept piles of classics around specifically for kids from the school.

I don't know how many I have in my collection, since most of the ones I had from back then are in storage and I never did make an inventory of anything in there**, but I told her about my love for them, and she found some at her local shop and started sending them to me!

This holiday's additions are:
  • Candide and Other Writings that's literally as old as my mom and in pristine condition except for some yellowing of the pages
  • Humphry Clinker, which I have literally never heard of but is a gorgeous shade of blue-green and almost as perfect condition.
Look how great they look with the two she sent me for my birthday last summer:

Man, I love these books.

They're about the size of paperbacks, but they're hardback, and that's already a point in their favor. The pages are so nice and smooth and thinner than usual book printing, so they're pleasing to hold as you read. They don't cost much. There's literally hundreds of titles in the line. And they're a great way to keep all your pretentious classics around. #EnglishMajor4Lyfe

What books do you love the look and feel of? What do you do with your collections? Share in the comments!

*Everyone should have a Packleader. She's way more persistent than me, and does more with less, and yet she still believes in me and my ability to do anything I want to do. She's like a bestie, a life coach, and a literal community leader at once. (She's also my old room mate from college, and part of the best / most me years of my life)
**I'd meant to keep a running list of each box I packed, but that lasted one day. I had only six and a half days to pack everything I owned into a 1800-Packrat interstate crate, and it was rough and mostly a blur. So word to the wise: if you're ever left to empty a house mostly on your own, make sure you plan better than I did, because I totally left everything mine in the back yard except the cat--my table and chairs, my lounger, my bike, etc. Because I wasn't at all organized.

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