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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monthly all-my-stuff promo!

Hello! The only income I have is from the stuff I make, and that's how I want it to be...except that things are tough and the income isn't keeping up with things like getting my own place, paying my bills, and keeping my stuff in storage so that I don't lose everything I own!
But you can help!

I have these books that I wrote, and I have so many more to write, but I need to get on my feet to do it, so I can focus on the books and not on "omg i'm going to starve to death on the street"! You can help by buying my trilogy Married To The Wind, or my novella that introduces some of the Aetherium Saga (where the next book will be set) Clockwork Heart, or my first book of poems A New Sky To Burn!

I also run a one-lady geeky nailpolish company with over 300 nail polishes for dozens of fandoms, and everyone looks awesome in nail polish no matter what!
Just off the top of my head, I have nailpolish for Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Space, Lucifer, Supernatural, various MCU movies, Orphan Black, all kinds of books, Pacific Rim, and many more!

And I have a slowly-growing printable shop where I post usually single-page printables for only one dollar for your journal, planner, or both! Sometimes I post self-contained whole journals or other multi-page things. You can also get some freebies (more each month!) but signing up for my Herding the Dragon email list!
Other useful things:
  • If you're inclined to donate to the not-starving cause, you can through this link here
  • If you want to keep me in tea for the rest of my life, you can buy my fandom teas here and the points you thereby provide will give me All The Tea (and I'll be posting more teas for more fandoms through the coming year)
  • have some buttons here, mostly for 12 Monkeys--they don't give me much, but every penny helps and everyone loves buttons
  • I'm an affiliate for awesome ladies Danielle Laporte and Leonie Dawson, and every time someone buys something through one of my affiliate links, I make a few dollars--and their stuff is SO COOL
  • I also have a Patreon! I’m probably going to majorly renovate it sometime this year, and because of that I don’t talk about it, and because of THAT, no one knows I have it, but I DO!
And if you need an editor or a writer, I do both for by-word or by-page fees, and since I have a degree in writing you can be assured I know what I’m doing. Just message me to hear more!



-Basically this exact same post is in a page I'm adding to the top of the blog soon, so you can always refer back to it; future updates will talk about the new stuff in each shop or field!

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