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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Living better - Use January to reset and realign...

...then ease into your goals and habits, instead of burning out early on.

I think that we all need to give ourselves permission to just declare a month a Reset Month sometimes--and January is a great one. The holidays are hard on everyone, often, and it's usually around two months straight of effort and drama and noise and working too hard and stress, and after that, why not take a month to get yourself back in a good place?

It's self-care to ease up once in a while, and that's a lot of what I've been doing this month. Winter is a good time for it: the cold encourages us to calm down and figure stuff out. And in the world the way it is, taking care of ourselves, getting our priorities in line and figuring out what we actually need is more important than ever.

So here's a way to do it:

  • Ask yourself what you've been putting off that you want to get back to because it makes your life better?
  • Ask yourself where you're feeling stressed and see if there's anything you can do about that--passing on more projects? Reorganizing? Getting help you need? 
  • Look at your diet and your movement level and see if you're at the level that works best for you?
  • Ask if you need to restock or rearrange or set up things to go automatically so you don't need to worry about them?
  • Ask if you're still working toward your goals and in alignment with your values, and how you can ease back into them if not?
And I think, most importantly if you're like me: When you decide on your goals for the year in a fit of New Year's energy, spend January figuring out how you'll actually work them into the life you live rather than just piling them up on top of yourself and assuming everything'll be fine! That's how you wind up forgetting about or giving up on resolutions before the end of the first month, so instead, work WITH yourself--how many new habits can you really add? How many new ideas can you graft onto your life? How much of a break do you need between things if you're changing the way you live? 

Remember to be nice to yourself--and that being nice isn't the same thing as being lazy!

Do you take reset months? Are the scheduled or just when you need them? Share in the comments!

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