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Friday, January 27, 2017

January 2017 Dark Moon reading for the world

This moon's cards are:

Since they're all upright, their meanings are straightforward as they can be!

WINDOW is the way we look at the world, the view of a place beyond our own personal concerns. What can we see coming and how can we react to it?

TRADITION is what it sounds like: all the things we do because people before us did them. It's also any specific tradition we are a part of, and since it's upright and therefore positive, it means that leaning on tradition might not be a bad idea. What from the past is worth keeping or going back to, and what is worth tossing?

VOID is the space where anything is possible but nothing exists yet--the place things come from and the place they go when they're done. The void isn't good or bad, but it's where things wind up when everything is over. It's the mystery of creation and destruction. The space between stars that has to be crossed to get from one world to another. Are we looking into the void too much? Are we getting ready to cross one?

All together, I'd say the advice is to weigh our views of the world and our traditions, and to only keep the ones that'll help us. To find new things to bring into being, even if they never existed before. To find the quickest way from one world to another and to understand that the trip might be long and empty. 

The next reading will be on the Full Moon in February! Until then, remember to watch out for what we're looking at and where we're going.

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