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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I found the funnest thing, you guys - Radiooooo, music from all over the world and all through time!

I saw a post over on Tumblr about this site, and even just a few minutes clicking on things have totally sold me: it's a project to find music from every country in every decade from 1900 onward, and make these songs into a streaming radio station! You can upload songs, which is great because a bunch of countries don't have ones, and the ones that do seem to be awesome across the board.

Go play! I feel like this could lead to some super fun stuff for writing, for plays, for film, or just to make your life more interesting.

I don't see a way to skip songs or even to pause them, but I bet that'll happen as the project expands. And think of all the random museum-collections that could be uploaded here where people can enjoy them! All the stuff that people don't even get to hear anymore!

The 60's seem to have been strange all over the world. What can you find?

What're your favorite sources for off-the-wall music? Link them in the comments below!

- Props to Emmy, who has been helping me find weird world music since college!

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