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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Scifi Day!

I write mostly fantasy, but I think scifi is some of my fundamental building blocks. The very first movie I ever saw was Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I grew up watching Star Trek and Time Tunnel and Twilight Zone with my dad. My earliest memories are of things like Starman and Last Starfighter and the Star Trek movies through the 80s. I watched at least some of every one of the dozens of scifi shows that came out in the 90s*.

And I'm SO GLAD we're currently in the middle of a new scifi flap!

Here are some of my current favorite scifi shows (and I'm sure there's more, but these are off the top of my head just now):

12 Monkeys

I mean, have you met me? Of course this show is on the list, and the first thing that I thought of when I thought "scifi". It's what brought Syfy back to it's roots as the literal place for the best of the genre. 

It's smart, it's very science fictiony, it's packed with every feel I have ever had, and it's stunningly well written. Like, I'm jealous I can't see how they write the show, and I pushed back one of my own books so that I can study how this show does it and make Fracture better. We're waiting on S3 now, and it's a long wait, but it's SO worth it.

The Expanse

More proof that Syfy is serious about this re-re-branding. The Expanse is GROGEOUS, complex, richly done, and full of mystery and drama and SPACESHIPS. Do you know how much I've missed spaceships in my TV scifi? This is the sort where it's obviously way in the future, but it's a believable sort of future, one that could be close to now. The second season starts at the beginning of February, and me and Joy will be talking about it on our show!


I've literally just started watching this** and have seen one episode, and unless it really goes off the rails later on, I just know it's going to be a fav. The first fifteen minutes had me choked up over someone I'd literally just met, and it just got more intense from there. TV has figured out the whole getting-feeling-into-big-scifi-stories thing so well this year.

It's on Netflix (and has already aired in Canada) and you can watch the whole thing now.

Doctor Who

I have loved every incarnation of this show for as long as I can remember, but I really thing Twelve is becoming one of my precious favs. He's so grouchy and pointy and totally incapable of telling when people change. I love it. Plus, it's always strange and pushing the limits of what a show can pull off, and even when it falls short, it delivers more than most other shows do.


I'm still bummed that Josh Holloway's previous scifi-ish show Intelligence*** didn't last, but getting Colony is a pretty good consolation prize. I wasn't super sure about it in the beginning, because it's a mystery-packed slow burn, but it picked up speed and force as it went on, and it left on a cliffhanger that should make the next season start out super cool!

Season 2 comes back next week.


I didn't know what to expect from this show, since it's from the guys who created Supernatural (which is great) but it's also on a main network and before it even aired, they were sideways-slamming 12 Monkeys (a personal insult) and getting accused of plagiarism from a Spanish time travel show. But it's actually building a nice rich world and doing some fun stuff with stories and expectations that I didn't think it would. Plus, there's Rufus, who should get more attention.

They're currently on winter hiatus, but come back on the 16th!

And I'm looking forward to:
Star Trek: Discovery

Brian Fuller isn't showrunning it anymore so he can make American Gods****, but he developed it and left it in the hands of people who he's worked with before and trusts. And it's new Star Trek! On TV! Yeah!

What scifi do you watch? Are you reading any awesome scifi right now? Share in the comments!

*If you wanna talk about SeaQuest, Sliders, or Time Traxx, I'm your girl. Let's go.
**Between the approximately seven hundred other shows I'm currently watching...
***Based on my friend John Dixon's book, as I'm pretty sure I say every time it comes up.
****Which I'm SO looking forward to. Sarah and I already have a fan group for it on Facebook for it...tho I can't find it to link to it now...

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