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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! I burned the old one with fire!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this last night: Right after the countdown and the toasting, and right before all the phonecalls from distant friends*, I took a list of all the things wrong with 2016 out to the back porch and lit it on fire.

It was a bad year, for me and for the world. I was done with it long before the end of the calendar, and by the time we got to last night, I just needed something flashy and pointed to mark a real and solid end. Fire is real good for that.

So I burned it, and then I threw the ashes in the trash.

But also on that page, at the bottom, I specified what I wanted to replace all the hate and death and willful ignorance with. Because you can't just bitch at the universe without specifying what you want instead, you know? So while all the badness was going to ash, the good I wanted instead was going up with the smoke to where whatever watches over us was. Years as bad as that one feel like they need classical ways of handling, you know?

So it's done. We're starting over. 2017 is a blank slate, and I'm not putting up with more BS. I'm going to get the life I want, and I'm going to live my own life.

How about you?

Did you guys do anything to mark the transition? Share in the comments and let's support each other into the new year's new choices!

*"should old aquaintance beeeeeeee forgot and never brought to WWWIIIIINNNNNEEEEE!"

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