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Monday, January 23, 2017

From Mark Manson: The Most Important Question of your Life

Some quotes from the excellent article The Most Important Question of your Life by Mark Manson...

The thing I like about this article is that it feels like it's filling a gap: the one between making the goal and actually achieving it. I've been setting a lot of goals lately, since it's January and I'm trying to get my own life back and all, but some of them--as always when stuff like this is going on--I look at and I'm just like "how?".

I think this is how: Loving the process.

I love the process of writing a book, even in the middle part when it's a mess and nothing is working out the way I wanted it to and writing feels like a chore. I love the process of writing a poem even when the form is fighting back and I can't think of the right words to make it sing. I love the process of making paperwork, weird as that is. I love the process of running a nail polish shop, even when that means I have to do a lot of accounting stuff and I always feel like I don't know enough about marketing and promotion.

I don't love the process of losing weight, and more and more often, I just decide not to worry about it and to enjoy eating what I enjoy, because being skinny messed up a whole lot of stuff when I was a kid*. Maybe I just won't fuss on that. Working out is pure torture, calorie counting makes me feel neurotic, and I can't afford a gym membership anyway, so...

I'm willing to learn what I don't know, even when it's a super steep learning curve; I'm not willing to put up with bad behavior. So according to this question's implications, I'm willing to love learning as itself and not willing to struggle for failing relationships. That actually does clarify some things.

What're you willing to struggle for?

*I was anorexic in high school for almost two years, and it was terrible. I was cold all the time. I didn't sleep or have normal bodily functions. I could easily get blown over by wind--seriously. I was dizzy all the time. And all the control and deprivation that comes along with trying to intentionally lose weight feels too much like that happening again, so I can never keep it going--it's less important to me to be skinny than it is to not feel like that anymore.

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