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Thursday, January 12, 2017

First card reading of the year! - Full Wolf Moon reading for the world

My photo editing sort of blanked out the words a little--though it looked fine on my phone when I did it, go figure--but the reading for this month is:


Emergence means something new is starting to be noticeable, that it's just coming into the world in a way that we can see it. We're at the very earliest stages of a new way of being--good or bad is up to us.

Grandparents means the stuff you get from your elders in your direct line, but since it's reversed, that means either it's not what's needed--meaning what IS needed is our own answers and approaches to the world, ones suited for the world as it is now and not handed down to us from previous generations--or that what has already been handed down is the problem. As basically a Millenial, I'm leaning toward the second, but they're not mutually exclusive. 

Infant means something new again, the very start of life when we need to learn everything to make it work. A blank slate or a square one, created specifically to learn and to be full of potential, not yet shaped by the world, and still needing a lot of care and guidance. There's overtones of hard work: being a baby is hard, raising a baby is hard, there's a responsibility to do it right. But there's also overtones of getting to fix the past mistakes, to get it right and to set up a better future. It's our own new states of beings and new projects, and it's the next generation.

All together, I'd say it's a very positive and forward-looking reading, here at the beginning of the year, receiving a message for the whole world:
  • New things are coming, and we need new answers to the problems and opportunities that come with them
  • We're new at this, and we'll need guidance, but not from the people who defined the old ways
  • We're the ones who decide whether all this is going to come out well or not

-If you'd like a personalized reading, I'm going to be doing a select few each month! Contact me to learn more.
-The next public reading will be at the Dark Moon.
-I'm also slowly working on a way to get my cards decorated up, then printed and available for everyone to use; I think I have some neat takes on the whole oracle-card thing, and I'll be talking about that some more in a later blog post!

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