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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Worksheet Wednesday - Cashew Creations had a shop update!

I'm going to be making several shop updates this month, since December is when everyone starts finalizing what they're doing in the planners and journals for the new year, and here's the first CashewCreations shop update of the month!

We have, all for 1$ a page:
  1. Four different kinds of trackers, mostly for self-care when it's hard
  2. A year-at-a-glance blog post tracker, either for setting up patterns and recurring posts, or for recording what you did post (or maybe for tracking how the posts do?)
  3. A three-month-at-a-glance book review calendar--you fill in which three months, so you can start at any time, and then there's space for a book or two every day!
  4. A 2017 future log for keeping track of upcoming dates
  5. A way to track who you've asked to be on your show, whether it's TV, podcast, Youtube, whatever! Could probably also be used for guest bloggers?? Go crazy, guys!
  6. A one-page life upkeep thing: thirteen categories that I think make a good life, with a little space to make a goal for that thing on that day, or record what you did in that category on that day
Coming up later in the month will be more planner pages, some goal-setting pages, more random nerdy things I think of as I go! If you have pages you'd like to see designed, drop a line, and I'll see what I can do!

I also updated the Freebie Library with a new printable - 100 Lists For Your Journal - and all the worksheets from my old blog, Makeshift Surfaces! You can access it by signing up for my email list here:


- Sooner or later, I'm going to make a whole planning workbook of my own! I hope that these semi-random scattered pages are helpful to people in the meantime!

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