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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Assignment: Put your wants onto post-its and collect them

Funny thing about today's post: I'd already decided to write about the post-its thing detailed below, and then when I was reading today's Shine Text's related links, this pic above came up.


So lately, while I try to sort out my life**, I've been doing this thing that I think can help more people than just me.

I'm always walking around with this inner monologue about myself, my life, my meaning, and how I can be a better person and a more authentic self in the world. I'm building everything on this idea that I can be who I am, finally, instead of trying to be something I'm not, and that brings up a lot of "I want..." statements. Nothing clarifies what you really want like not having anything you do want.

So I've been writing them down.

I can hold about three ideas in my head at a time before I start forgetting things, and coincidentally, with my handwriting, I can fit about three things on a post-it before I run out of space. So whenever I catch myself going I want, I write it down. Here's the one from this morning, for instance.

I figure, it doesn't matter how important or how practical or how vague the want is--it's a want. Whether it's "I want a Playstation" or "I want to start each day with earl grey tea and a croissant like Captain Picard" or "I want to make a real change in the world for the better", all of them are wants, and this isn't the time to rank them by value. This is the time to get them all into the world where I can see them, and see what sort of life might contain as many of them as possible.

I've been just sticking them into my planner-journal wherever there's a blank page, but I think after a while, when I have a bunch of them, I'll go back and move them or copy them into the handbook I'm slowly putting together for 2017. The same one where my goals and trackers are. Because since they're all wants, they're all things that I can be striving for, or their all signs of the sort of life I want to lead, or they're all facets of the actual me that's what I'm trying to be after years of disguising myself as normal.

What would be on your I WANT post-it today? How do you define and maintain the life you want to be a part of?

*Ever since I read The Celestine Prophesy in high school, I try to remember to look for moments when things line up conveniently. I don't know anymore how I feel about that book because HS what a long-ass time ago (omg so long) and I haven't re-read it since, but I do think that noticing when things line up is a peek into what our subconscious is doing.
**It's a lot of storting, after almost a decade of being passive, being depressed, and not knowing what I wanted out of life or what to do with myself. But that's a post for another time.

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