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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Dark Cold Moon card reading for the world - December 2016

My last card reading of the year! 

The cards this time say SPIRIT (reversed), PARENT (reversed), and CANDLE.

Spirit, when reversed, means that there's a block in the higher levels of things--the non-physical, the divine, the places where everyone connects into something bigger. There's meanness instead of connection, fear instead of faith.

Parent reversed means a block in the sorts of things that are supposed to take care of us and raise us up right; since it's a reading for the whole world, it's probably less about actual parents and more about supportive systems and authority figures. They're not looking out for us the way they're supposed to.

Candle means the light in the dark--the small little flame that lets a person see the edges of the room, to try to keep productive at night, to keep hope going through the darkest part of the night and the year (and this is the darkest part of the year, so). It's about offering that tiny beacon to make your way home.

The overall message, I'd say, is that things have been messed up, both spiritually and supportively, but that hope isn't lost: in the darkest part of the year, we still have little lights to guide us. We should light more. 


Hopefully our next reading, the first one in a whole new year, will be the start of a whole new situation--and hopefully it'll be a good one, after the mess and trial this year has been for everyone!

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