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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Cold Moon card reading for the world - December 2016

Time for another Full Moon reading!

That first smudgy card is MAN'S LAW--the literal laws that people make that have nothing to do with nature or divinity: the laws that are often biased and strange and sometimes even unfair.

Then there's EARTH and AIR, both reversed. It means there's a block in grounding and in inspiration. In foundations and in the highest reaches. In stability and in communication.

Here at the end of a really rough year for all of us, the cards are saying we need to look at the rules and ways that people live and impose on each other, and talk about them and think of new ways to do things--inspired ways. We need both stability and new ideas. Since this is a Full Moon reading and therefore generally positive, I feel like we can do it, even if it's not easy--two out of three cards being reversed, and the third one being generally about artificial constructs sort of says it won't be easy, but the fact that it's so pointed means it's needed.

This is probably, by the way, one of the clearest readings I've had for the world!

As usual, take what you need from the reading, and apply it to your life; this is an open reading for the world as a whole, so think big!

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