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Monday, November 7, 2016

Why I'm voting

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for.

For one, we're one day before the election, and if you don't know who you're voting for by now, I don't think I can tell you who to pick. And for another, I'm flipping exhasusted of the whole thing. Elections get mean and ugly every time, but this one is both a farce and a terrifying monstrosity. Like, how did it even get to this?

I'm going to tell you why I'm voting.

I'm voting because this is the clearest and simplest moment to make a point about the sort of world we're willing to put up with.

I was talking to my brother the other day, and I said "I wanted to vote for Bernie because it would have been nice to vote FOR something, rather than AGAINST something." And it felt pretty profound to make that statement, to come to that conclusion. But since Bernie isn't available, and even if we all wrote him in it wouldn't count because he hasn't been approved or whatever, I'm back to voting against things again.

Which sucks ass you guys.

So I'm going to reframe it.

I'm voting for a better future, even if the steps are small and hard, not a future defined by bad tempers, egotism, and fearmongering. I'm voting for people who know how to do the job--all down the line, not just the President--not loons who think they know better and have, apparently, very little understanding of how things work. I'm voting for halfway decent track records over no track records and no experience. I'm voting for more of this climb out of the muck, over going back to the 50s, but in like an alternate-history dystopia sort of way.

I have a friend who thinks that all of this, the whole circus of meanness and hidden prejudice coming out to dance around in the streets, is the death throes of the old way we've been trying to beat back for generations. I'm voting for that end. Because as a woman, with chronic health issues, low income, and an immigrant family, who has lived overseas and seen how other countries function, I can't afford to vote for anything that would make my precarious position more precarious.

I'm voting for my values of making the world better even in small ways.

I just want to write books. Telling stories is the best thing I think I can do with my life, the thing that I'm most good at, the thing I feel most strongly about. But telling stories is also what historians do, years down the line, and I want to be a part of the hopeful, future-looking, make-things-better-even-when-old-rich-guys-hate-it side of this story.

This is all I'm saying about politics on this blog. I hate talking about the whole subject, and I hate finding out how unreasonable people can get about it. But I want to work with what I have to build a world I want to live in, and it's all getting pretty alarming. This is a way I can help, and it's simple and it's been fought for and I'm not going to cheapen the effort of all those who got women the right to vote by not voting.

Voting is how we change the narrative. And I want a narrative that's made of hope and goodness and the freedom to try to make things better.

*I almost didn't post this, because the whole topic gives me stomach aches, but it's going to be over soon, for better or worse, and here's my statement on the subject. I don't know what any of the candidates' actual terms will be like, but I'm not voting for the one that envisions a terrible life for most of the people who matter to me, and for whole categories I belong to.

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