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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Reading Report

This was a busy month for reading! Partially because September was so messed up, and partly just because there's a lot of good stuff out. Here's what I got done:

Wilful Child: The Wrath of Betty
The second book in the Willful Child series. It's still basically super-obvious Star Trek spoof, but this time around it's starting to stand on it's own feet while still lovingly poking fun at all the cliches. It's awesome. Review at NYJB.

Level Grind
Lady-lef UF that's not much concerned with the bedroom! She IS dating a shifter, but the main part of the story is about how she's training to defeat her evil ex before he can eat her heart and consume her powers, and solving mystical crimes along the way. Reminds me of Dresden Files with a chick. Review at NYJB.

Seriously Shifted
Book two of this series, also. I love Cam--she does her best to be a good witch even though literally every other witch she knows is evil, and she's always over her head but she keeps going. Review coming.

And here's what I still have to finish:

Invisible Planets
Scifi in English translation from China. It's super neat so far!

Peter S Beagle's latest adult-level book. I really really like it, but it keeps getting bumped by deadlines so it's not done yet.


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