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Monday, November 21, 2016

November Seasonal Celebration Day

One of the things I do to keep myself connected to the world, is I schedule a day each month to celebrate the season. Like, the literal actual season, as it changes and as it stands here in this moment. I semi-arbitrarily set the day as the 21st since that'll be around the Solstices and keep things even as I go through the year, and that's today!

In the calendar inside my head, November is already winter, but in the reality of the world and where I live in it, it's barely felt like fall until today, to the point where the leaves barely changed in parts of town before the cold snap we're having now made a lot of them fall off almost overnight. But this exercise is about looking at the world and appreciating it how it is, regardless of what my inner calendar says it should be like, since the mis-match means I always feel...unaligned with reality.

So here's ten things I like about the fall I have in the place I live, right now, today:
  1. The fact that it's so mild means that we get to have a nice long fall, a good stretch of time between when the heat of summer finally breaks and before winter really sets in
  2. That particular sort of slanty yellow light that happens in fall, where it's warm and bright but not broiling
  3. I get to wear as many layers of sweater as I can manage to get on myself, and I flipping love a sweater
  4. All the warm drinks: tea, more than I drink during the summer*; cocoa; warmed up cider, which is all cheap in the grocery store right now; maybe even mulled wine if I'm feeling sassy**
  5. TV shows are settling into their storylines right now
  6. Everything smells like cinnamon and nutmeg, and suddenly everyone has warm, comforting foods everywhere***
  7. Thanksgiving is coming, and it's the only time we eat the family recipes**** that fill the table, so that they're special when we have them
  8. Crunchy leaves underfoot: CRUNCHY LEAVES
  9. The nights getting cold means I get to use lots of blankets AND Ninja gets super cuddly and crawls under the blanket with me; there's no heating pad as awesome as a purring cat trying to get warmed up
  10. The night sky is SO CLEAR all the time right now
What do you love about fall where you live? Share in the comments! Let's celebrate the season.

*One of my Lingering Britishisms from when we lived in the UK when I was a kid, is that I drink hot tea year round. But when it stops being equally as hot outside, it goes easily from one or two cups of tea a day to like five. Usually by the end of winter I have to switch to herbal or decaf to calm myself down!
**Best Mulled Wine: A bottle of cheap, fairly sweet table wine; a bottle of matching juice^; one orange sliced thin; maybe an apple or pear, also sliced thin; some nice spices--a stick of cinnamon, maybe three cloves, and a star anise, maybe a little grated nutmeg; some honey or brown sugar or some of that Mexican palm sugar chipped off and thrown in. Put it all in a non-reactive pot and simmer till it's all warm and blended. Drink up!
^Matching juice means, like, a red wine would get a red or purple juice--grape, a grape-blend, cranberry, cherry; a white would get white grape or white cranberry, or apple, or a blend along those lines.
***This is the season of chili, shepherds pie, my mom's Slivered Beef Stew recipe, Stroganoff, Chicken Perigord Style, goulash, all the good stuff me and my sister learned from my mom.
****Mom's candied yams, greenbean casserole, a whole roast turkey with butter under the skin, waldorf salad...mmmmm. Fall is so food-based for me.

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