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Sunday, November 20, 2016

ICYMI - End of the Week Roundup 1

Sunday, Joy couldn't make it for the show, so I got my Wife on Mars Sarah to come talk with me! We're both super impressed with how diverse the DCU shows are.

This Tuesday, we skipped Designated Survivor because Joy couldn't find it On Demand, and MacGyver because I couldn't find it On Demand, but we filled the same amount of time as usual with only three shows! Joy lost her notes so we wander around a little, but the looseness is sort of fun!

How to fill a notebook

Worksheet Wednesday and Self-directed study

Finding poetry in the non-poetic

This Sunday, there's no DCU show because of the holiday, and then we're skipping all next week's shows*, but we'll be back on Tuesday the 29th!

*both of them, listen to me trying to sound imporant

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