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Monday, November 14, 2016

A Supermoon oracle for the world - November 2016

Every two weeks, on the Full Moon and the Dark Moon, I like to do an oracle card reading for myself. Lately, I've been doing them for the world, too. Here's this month's Full Moon* Reading.

The cards are : WARRIOR, AIR, and REST (reversed)

Warrior isn't really about being combative so much as it's about standing up for what you believe in, defending what matters to you (figuratively and literally), and being well-trained in the ways to handle conflict rationally and reasonably and honorably. Don't go in guns blazing and swords swinging; remember your values and what matters, and maintain honor for yourself and those values. Don't be conquered, but don't invade, either.

Air came up last full moon, but it was reversed then; now it's upright again. Upright, Air is about inspiration, space to breathe, being light and quick, communication, mental faculties. It's about being changeable and not weighed down with more "heavy" and "earthly" concerns.

Rest (reversed) also came up last month, and it hasn't changed this month, except that it's not the center of the spread anymore. It still means that there's a problem with rest--this isn't the right time, or the time is done; the rest you have isn't enough or is the wrong kind; you maybe have sleeping issues or you think you've been taking a break when really you've been avoiding something. The fact that it came up twice in two months is an indication that it's an ongoing issue: maybe it just means to "give it a rest", depending on what's going on in your life.

All together, I'd distill this message down to:

  • Fight for what you think is right, but do it with wit and communication, not with attacks
  • Your mental skills will be good, so use them to solve problems, learn solutions, and earn the right sort of rest
  • There's not a lot of chance for downtime, so get ready for lots of movement and action, but since you're light and quick, you can handle it
Overall, it's a nice positive reading, and I think the world needs it right now!

*This month's full moon is the biggest and closest it'll be in more than 60 years, so I guess we should all really pay attention to it this month!

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