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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Dark Frost Moon card reading for the world

On the Dark and Full Moons, I do simple card readings for guidance and clarity and for something to mull on to help me think better during the next two weeks. Here's a public reading for the world.


Choice reversed means to look out for bad choices and the consequences of them, and to beware of new choices to be really sure you know what you're getting into and what you're choosing.

Light is just what it sounds like: Brightness, daytime, mental clarity, warmth, activity. Getting stuff done and learning things. Being out in the world. The warmth of day--which is scant going into the darkest part of the year and shouldn't be wasted. Light candles against the dark and work on maintaining a sunny attitude.

Dormancy is very appropriate for this time of year. Soon, everything in the northern hemisphere will be resting through winter, saving up strength for spring and summer. And people have cycles, too; are you sure you're getting enough rest? Don't burn out just because Light is another card.

Together, these cards talk about a balance between rest and activity, dark and light, and how the balance is up to you and what you choose. Be careful and be mindful.

- My Furiosa nail polish is still holding on after something like almost two weeks! I've been too sick lately to care about how chipped they're getting, but also, Furiosa is meant to not be clean and glossy, soooo.
- I started making collage art for these cards before I got sick and had two birthdays, a ship out, and a holiday in one week; I'll be getting back to them sometime this week or next week! Eventually, I'll have a pic for all the cards, and when I'm happy that they look like a unified set, I'll be able to scan and print them as real cards!

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