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Monday, October 17, 2016

Product review - my new cat eye glasses from GlassesShop.com!

This review has been a long-time coming! Because of the mail messing up delivery and me getting sick and that whole thing with the massive hurricane, it got delayed!

Weeks ago, I was contacted by GlassesShop.com and asked if I'd like to try their glasses and give my honest opinion about them. Since I was looking for new glasses anyway, I said yes! The blogger contact, Catherine, was very nice, and the site was easy to navigate--not much different in layout from many of the other online glasses places I've seen. There's a good selection of styles and the virtual try-on tool has a nice variety of pre-installed face shapes so you can see how they might look on someone like you.

I chose the Novia Cat Eye in Tortoise, since I've been seriously craving cateye glasses for ages!

They came in a nice solid box that fit even into our little mail slot, and inside were wrapped up nicely and in a perfectly-fitted hardcase! As usual when you get new glasses, they came with a cleaning rag--which is great, because I feel like glasses just automatically generate smudges, you know?

Look how cute these are!

The actual glasses were bigger than I was expecting, but I have a smaller head than a usual adult, so that's not super surprising. They're strong and sturdy, not too heavy, sit nicely on my nose, and don't slip around nearly as much as my old ones. Which, really, is probably incidental but was one of my fav things about these frames when they came in, because always being afraid your glasses will fall off if you look down or sneeze is Not Fun.

I have a pretty strong prescription, but they did a good job of giving me glasses frames that have no distortion, and the getting-used-to-new-glasses phase only took a few days! When I first started wearing them, they were a little tight, but now that my ears are used to them and I've gotten them to sit just right, it's nice to have a secure fit in something that I have to have on every waking hour of the day!

I think they look a little like Jones's glasses from 12 Monkeys. Maybe I can cosplay as her with them and still see!

As someone who is very poor-sighted, it's so nice and refreshing to know that there are places like GlassesShop.com that have affordable glasses frames and lenses regardless of your prescription! And they're cute, too!

It was a really nice experience overall, even with the mail getting messed up. All I did was contact them about it, and they resent the order and it got to me within a couple of days! They also have prescription sunglasses, which I think I'm going to aim for over the summer, since I lost my last pair and off-the-rack sunglasses force me to choose between squinting because it's too bright and squinting because I can't see anything if I don't!

It can be a trial finding glasses that fit and that don't cost hundreds of dollars, and I'm super happy this site came to me, because it couldn't have been easier. These were provided free of cost, but the frames I picked are only around 20$ and so are super affordable. And they were nice enough to offer a discount code for my readers!


Use the code above to get 50% off all full-price glasses at GlassesShop.com!

What do you think, guys?


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