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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Black Moon reading for the world - Halloween 2016

Each Full Moon and Dark Moon, I like to do a card reading for myself to see what I need to be paying attention to, and I decided this month that I'll also be doing a reading for the world, too. Here's the reading for everyone for October's second Dark Moon: the Black Moon...which seems super appropriate since it's Halloween, yeah?

I asked: What does the world need to know this second Dark Moon?

The cards answered: Experience (reversed), Coven, Dormancy (reversed)

What is the problem?:
EXPERIENCE (reversed) means things have not been going super well; there's been a block in the experiences you want and need to have, or the ones you do have are not great ones. Things are rough, they feel like they're not lining up, you maybe don't feel like you know what you need to know to keep moving forward.

What is the solution?:
COVEN means your personal community--the people who gather around you with the same goals and intentions and interests that you have. Since it's upright, it means you have this group and you can count on them: who are your closest people? What are you all working toward together? Since this is a reading for the world, what's the world-sized vision you and your people have?

What should I watch out for?:
DORMANCY (reversed) means either that the time to sleep under the snow is almost done and you'll need to move forward and start acting soon, or that being dormant is a problem right now--which, really, also means that you need to find ways to be more active. It means something along the lines of "don't let everything that's happening pass you by without you getting a say in it". It might also mean that this winter could be a hard one, since it came up right before winter on the day of a last-harvest festival.* And, I mean, there's the election coming up before the next reading, so...

So all together, I think the advice for the world just now, in this moment, is:
  • Remember to be active in your own life and seek out the experience and experiences that you want and need for your own life
  • Gather to you and lean on the people who have the same goals and interests as you, and work as a unit to build something together
  • Be careful of sleeping through the important parts that'll matter most
This is my personal reading of the cards I've made myself. Take from it what you need, and make your life and the world better!

*Even though, technically, Thanksgiving is the festival of the harvest that we as a culture celebrate, and that's still a month away. I think we have to think sort of symbolically with trying to look at things like this...
- I should decorate my cards soon.

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