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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Worksheet Wednesday - Trackers for your reading and your viewing!

I love inventing worksheets that I can just print off and use as I need them. I also love the freedom to invent a new one whenever my needs change, so I'm always making more, and I've started an Etsy shop in case anyone else would like to use them!

This update, there's two new ones:

A nice spacious TV schedule for you to keep track of what shows you're watching and what's on at the same time (so you can schedule your DVR and so you can remember what you meant to watch each day)!

And a reading tracker with space for six up-to-600-page books!

They're each 1$ in the Cashew Creations shop! You get a pdf download that you can scale and print as you need to fit your planner or journal!

If you send me pics of any of my pages in use--especially how you decorate them and integrate them into your planners and journals--I'll share them here and on Instagram!


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