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Monday, September 5, 2016

Tagged by @insanityofdanyi​ to post three photos: (1) the last...

Tagged by @insanityofdanyi​ to post three photos: (1) the last song I listened to, (2) an unposted selfie, and (3) my phone background.

  1. Sweater Weather that Reece was playing with I was almost aslweep was the last song I actually listened to, because I like it (my brain always tells me it’s a lesbian love song). I like things that remind me that the heat can’t last.*
  2. I don’t remember if I posted this selfie; it’s from all the way back to the day I went to see Felicia Day. There’s an alternate where my bangs were looking cute if I did.
  3. Almost all my backgrounds are nebulas. This is a screencap and the actual pic.

*Today’s high is 84! Well below 90 for the first time in ages!

I tag @valiantlyawesomepikachu@ohgressfuriosa@flyingfishtailoutpost1@davesempire1981@allofthepuns@ohifonlyx33@connieisland@redorkulous​ if you guys want!

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